Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information on our financial planning services? Below, you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

Investment Designers has developed a comprehensive process that works. We take everyone through a full financial plan and discuss all aspects of the plan before we talk about managing your investments. An equal amount of time is devoted to non-investment areas such as taxes, income planning, and Social Security, as is devoted to making sure your investments align with your goals.

Our first meeting is solely about you. It’s important for us to understand what’s on your mind and what’s most important to you. If we mutually decide there is a good fit, we will take the next steps.

The frequency of your meetings with a financial planner will depend on your individual needs and the services provided. We’ve developed a calendar-based service model for clients that desire our wide-ranging financial planning services over the course of a year. Sometimes that means meeting two to four times per year; sometimes it means only once per year.

In our experience, those who hire a financial advisor usually do so because their financial life has gotten more complex and they want more personalized attention given to it. Reasons for hiring an advisor can differ, but can usually be summarized as a lack of time, willingness, or ability to confidently handle their financial matters, so working with an advisor brings them peace of mind.

Yes, we offer comprehensive retirement planning services to help clients prepare for their golden years. This includes evaluating current retirement savings, projecting future expenses, and recommending strategies for maximizing retirement income – all with a tax-efficient philosophy. Whether you are early in your career, or newly retired, we work with you to create a retirement plan you can have confidence in.

Our cost structure for financial planning services is based on a combination of investment assets under management and/or a flat annual rate. Our goal is to provide high-quality financial advice at a fair and transparent cost to our clients, and we are happy to discuss our cost structure in more detail during an initial consultation.

If you experience a significant life event that impacts your finances, it’s important to notify your financial advisor as soon as possible. We can help you adjust your financial plan and provide guidance on how to manage your finances.

We leverage technology to give our clients immediate access to all of their financial data. In addition to technology, we will have regular strategic planning meetings and will be available via phone and email as needed.

If you have a future goal such as retirement, college education, or starting a business, financial planning is important. Financial planning is a collaborative process, in which we look at your entire financial picture and advise you on how to achieve your short- and long-term financial goals. Working with an objective third-party financial planner can help you understand what you are doing well, identify any shortcomings, and build a game plan to keep you on track.

Yes, investment advice is included as part of an in-depth financial plan. All of our advisors are independent investment advisor representatives. We have a firm-wide investment methodology that focuses on the controllable areas of investing. That methodology is continually evaluated depending on economic conditions. These evaluations are used to customize your investment plan.