Retirement Plans for Small Businesses

No one knows your business like you do. Your ability to focus on your company has made you the success you are today. Trouble is, there’s a lot to running a successful enterprise that has little to do with the core business you’re managing but is still critically important to your overall long-term success.

Your company retirement plan provides the perfect example. You know you need to offer excellent retirement benefits in order to attract, reward, and retain exceptional employees. You know you need to keep the cost of those benefits reasonable and under control. You also know you don’t want the complexities of an employer-sponsored retirement plan taking up your valuable work time.

At Investment Designers, we provide retirement planning for small businesses using an approach that is simple, focused, and balanced.
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A Simplified Planning Process

When setting up your employer-sponsored retirement plan, we stick to the fundamentals in order to avoid overcomplicating the process. We evaluate your current employee retirement plan, including places where you may be paying hidden and/or avoidable fees. We find ways to maximize your tax benefits, and we help protect you and your company's fiduciaries from unnecessary litigation. We also provide ongoing monitoring of your retirement plan investments on an annual basis.

Focused on Your Business Needs

At Investment Designers, we focus on getting the results you want without getting you bogged down in complex rules and regulations. We sit on your side of the negotiating table to find the best employee retirement plan for your particular situation.
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Balancing Costs and Value

Our independent investment advisors provide your retirement plan participants with educational and financial planning services – helping to minimize their costs while creating exceptional value for their post-retirement years.