how we work

Before deciding to partner with us as your financial advisor, you may want to know more about our approach to working with clients. Please continue reading to learn about our client communications process and our cost structure options.

Our Client Communications Process

Our four-step client communications process includes an initial consultation meeting, a discovery meeting, a financial plan delivery meeting, and a review meeting.

Consultation Meeting

30 - 45 minutes

We use the consultation meeting to learn more about you, identify your short- and long-term goals, and gain a general understanding of your financial situation. We also spend some time explaining our financial planning process and discussing our approach to working with clients.

discovery meeting

60 minutes

Prior to creating your financial plan, we have an in-depth conversation to gain a better understanding of your full financial picture. The objectives of the discovery meeting are to:

  • Discuss your financial goals and dreams, covering topics such as financial independence, legacy planning, charitable and family giving, and education;
  • Understand your current financial situation, including any assets, investments, income, expenses, taxes, insurance, and/or estate planning;
  • Define your risk tolerance, time horizon, and personal investment experience; and
  • Discuss the next steps in the planning process.

Financial Plan Delivery Meeting

60 - 90 minutes

During this meeting, we provide a comprehensive walkthrough of your completed financial plan, including action steps and recommendations as the go-forward strategy.

review meeting

60 minutes

The review meeting can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Providing updates on important life events,
  • Reviewing your progress towards financial goals,
  • Analyzing your financial investments,
  • Discussing the state of the market and/or economy,
  • Tax planning, or
  • Any other financial planning topic as it pertains to your personal financial plan.
Tax Planning

Cost Structure Options

Each of our clients are in different financial situations, so it’s important to have some flexibility in how we bill for services. In order to best serve the diverse needs and circumstances of our clients, we provide the following cost structure options:

  • Fixed-Cost: This option charges a fixed cost for financial planning and ongoing advice.
  • Asset-Based: This option is calculated as a percentage of assets under management.